Heather East Photographer Sydney Los angeles

Heather East

Hello! I'm Heather!

Thanks for checking out a little more about me, I'm excited to hear about you two, your journey so far together, and what you have planned for this celebration!

Heres a little about me ;) Born in Sydney, Australia, I moved to California with my family as a young adult, and has always been taking photos. Started on one of the cube cameras, I know so 90's, then glow up - Dad's Pentax! Later she studied at the distinguished Art Center College of Design [Phx '08].

Its been my honor to photograph 360+ weddings, 50+ boudoir sessions, 250+ engagement sessions, and a whole bunch of family + babies + since 2012 :)

I Love meeting new people + Can't wait to be a part of your chapter, hear all the fun stories of how you met, your fav things to do ++

Other than the above love for life + my awesome profession, here's some of my fav things - I'm totally an EMOJI [✨ case and point] + ! OVER USER, a massive WINE + CHEESE LOVER! + I love to travel [15 counties + counting!!]

So yes! I'd love to hike your fav beach[or mine], check out a fav spot in the national forrest, see your fav cute coffeeshop | bar | gallery | corner shop + stroll the streets where you first met or simply explore your local park, all while catching your unique you.

Meet the TEAM here and let's chat about that though and the details of your unique story asap :) Ask about your dates availability!

Capturing a wedding is not only an honor, but an important responsibility, it's your love story, and we're super stoked to be a part of it.