Samantha Lopez

Samantha grew up in SoCal like most of the team, she's experienced in family, and weddings. She's been an integral member of the HEPHOTO team for over two years, and brings a special vision to every moment captured.

Hi! My name is Samantha, but my friends call me Sam. So please feel free to call me Sam. I am a full time photographer and have been pressing the button for about 8 years now professionally. When im not taking photos or editing in my office I am taking care of my kids, making sure they are getting along and aren’t eating too much sugar but enough because life is short so make it sweet. I love watching movies about adventure and fantasy because I can find reality anywhere but some imagination is just the place I like to be plus it’s fun to pretend like somewhere out there is a hidden world. Im still waiting for my invitation to that world. I rarely am at home I love going new places and trying new things. Life is so short i can’t imagine spending it inside a box most of my time here. The average life won’t even experience 30,000 days so I need at least 20,000 experiences. I spend free time also painting and writing. Museums, the beach and the mountains are my favorite getaways. I'm an observer by nature I love watching life happening from people to nature it’s just an amazing story to witness and if you add your own theme music it’s unbeatable. I look forward to meeting you and helping you capture the magic you make. - Sam