How would you describe your style?

We combine our styles to fit your vision, and love to use the natural light of your day to tell your love story. Mainly we shoot in a documentary, fly on the wall approach, and only step in when needed to finish an image, other than the obvious family portraits etc. which require a certain level of posing.

From this technique we create honest true moments, for your family to cherish for generations to come.

What areas do you cover or travel to frequently?

Los Angeles/New York/San Fran/Sydney Greater Areas :)

We will travel anywhere in Southern California, up to 2 hours from Redlands, CA 92373, with no additional travel charge! I do love to travel, so please do not hesitate to inquire about any other areas.

Do we come to your studio to meet?

Nope :) I do the traveling. I'll come to a convenient location for you and your fiancé, to meet and talk about what packages suit your needs.

When does the coverage start?

Whenever you want it to. I can come and photograph your petit soiree prior to getting started with the ceremony, and end 8 to 10 to however many hours you need later, or I can start at the time you're walking down the aisle, whatever your heart desires! I'm flexible, its your day :)

We shoot to and try to obtain full coverage no matter the size of the wedding. We don't ever want our couple to say, oh I wish I had a photo of... It just breaks my heart to hear friends and others say this to me!

What's your turnaround time?

Generally you will receive selects of your shoot within a 3-6 weeks currently, then a full first edit a month or two later, depending on the season. High season now is July-Novemeber, so if you're at the end of that it may be a matter of months. Feel free to share these with family and friends on Facebook Instagram etc and please tag us! :)

Once we've finished making your images epically awesome, we will invite you to a link to select your finals from your collection. Then once you have determined your favorites in your personalized gallery, I can finalize all the images for print. This can be anywhere from a month to six months depending on season and how quickly you get back to me with your favorites! :)

We work under the quality not speed motto.

Does this mean our gallery images are final and we can share them?

Unfortunately not, they usually still have not totally finally been edited. They will need spot removal of distracting background moments etc, these I wait until you have your finals chosen to do, to speed up the initial turn-around time.

How many images do you take during the day?

That depends on how much coverage you purchase. Generally, on an 8 hour wedding day, my second and I will shoot between 5000-10000 images depends on how eventful the day is! However there is no minimum or maximum.

Do you have a set number of images you take and won't go over?

No I take as many as I need to show the story of your day. That is the most important part! Making sure I've captured the day that you and your partner are sharing to remember. forever.

Can't we just have all the images?

You can! But most people dont want the ones of them eating, making ugly faces, in-between moments in a bad way lol, test lighting photos, or photos with eyes closed. So we take the time to edit all the images upfront, before I send them to you to choose from.

Do you always shoot with a second photographer?

Yes I feel its just a responsible thing to do as a business owner. It alllows for almost no room for error. Say (god forbid) I get in a car accident rendering me in the hospital right before the wediding, you will still have the insurance of having a trusted professional photographer to photograph your special day in my style of work.


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