How would you describe your style?

FUN! Mainly we shoot with a Classic | Modern documentary approach, but we love to keep the energy up and help in any way we can make your session the best it can be. From friendly direction, and keeping it fun and moving, we capture honest true moments, for you to cherish for generations to come. With archival wall art or heirloom albums, sharing your fun times together is simple.

What areas do you cover or travel to frequently?

Frequently shooting in Sydney Greater Area + SoCal Greater Area / SF / National Parks + dance floors world wide! + destination:) We do love to travel, so please do not hesitate to inquire with your elopement or wedding abroad.

ENQUIRE about your date

Whats your turnaround time, after the event?

Once your wedding comes up for edit, it only takes 5-7 business days to complete + upload time/days(1-5 business days). So this can range anywhere from 10-60+ days after your wedding, dependent on how busy the time of year your wedding is being held in. Please feel free to ask upfront and as were working together through the journey of your wedding photography :)

Busy season can be generally weddings in June+July for Northern Hemisphere, and October+November. Southern Hemisphere is busy September - March. Expedited service for {+1000$}, full turnaround within 7 days.

If we have a designation wedding whats the cost there?

Collection Chosen + Airfare + Hotel

Please reach out for a custom quote, destination is considered greater than 2 hours drive of Sydney or Los Angeles downtown/cbd area or approx 200m/300km

Do we come to your studio to meet?

Mostly we Facetime/Skype, but if we do plan to meet up, we'll come to a convenient location for you and your fiancé. Once your date is secured, we set up a time to meet and do a walkthrough.

Usually we love to spend a little time together before, and get to know each other more than where you want to take your photos on the day, its a great way to learn what your story has been so far, and helps us to illustrate it through your wedding day photos.

When does the coverage start?

Whenever you want! We shoot to and try to obtain full coverage, no matter the size of the wedding. We don't ever want our couple to say, oh I wish I had a photo of... It just breaks my heart to hear friends and others say this to me!

How many images do you take during the day?

That depends on how much coverage you purchase. Generally, on an 8 hour wedding day, my second and I will shoot between 5000-10000 images depends on how eventful the day is! However there is no minimum or maximum.

Do you have a set number of images you take and won't go over?

No we take as many as we need, to show the story of your day. That is the most important part! Making sure we've captured the day!

Do you always have a second photographer?

Yes, unless we discuss your coverage options, and its unnecessary.

How do we pay?

To ensure that your date is secured, we require a 50% deposit + your signed estimate. Payments are not an issue, simply express your desired period of repayment and we can go from there :)

For your convenience we accept and offer Venmo, ChaseQuickPay(Zelle), Check, Credit(Square Invoice), we also offer payment plan options, bank transfer++

REACH OUT with your session details + vision for the session!