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CALIFORNIA - Los Angeles


Heather East

Born in Sydney, Australia, Heather moved to California with her family as a young adult, she's always been taking photos. Later she studied at the distinguished Art Center College of Design.

Bringing over 10 years of experience to the table, heather + her team have photographed weddings in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Big Island, Hawaii, Tel aviv, Israel, Los Angeles, California, New York+

"Hello! I'm Heather! and at H.E.Photo+Video STUDIOS - LA + SYDNEY, We love love! So wherever it takes you, whatever language that's in not afraid to capture it.

It's been my absolute honour to photograph over 450+ weddings, ++ boudoir ++ engagement portraits and Yes moments!, +++a whole bunch of family + babies + since establishing in 2012 :)

Outside of this awesome passion I have for catching memories...I love being out in nature (whether that's a hike, snowboarding, or jumping in the waves of the gorgeous ocean), meeting new people and making new recipes to host friends and family. I love to travel [15 counties + counting!!]

Reach out to chat about catching your unique story :)

Capturing your memories through the years, is not only an absolute honor, but an important responsibility, it's your story, and our team is just super stoked to be a part of it.


Zara Alina

Hi! I'm Zara, and I'm based in sunny Los Angeles. I moved to the U.S. from Armenia in '01. I studied photojournalism in college, and have professionally been shooting portraits, weddings and events ever since.

I've always loved photography and couldn't imagine doing anything else. Combining my training as a photojournalist, with my love of fine art to skilfully capture unique moments, that portray elegance and style.

I am an admirer of beauty and find great inspiration in the arts.

When I'm not working, I'm adventuring with my son, exploring the city, and taking care of our two cats, our dog and tortoise.

I look forward to capturing and preserving your special moments and memories.


Alex Mo

Hi, my name is Alexander. I've learned to perfect my technique through over a decade of training and real-world experience.

Above all, I love weddings, meeting new faces and capturing everyone's joyous moments.

When I am not photographing love, I live it with my wife (newly married in 2021!) who loves and supports me to the fullest. We also have 3 kids whom we love playing with and taking them out to enjoy the many life experiences this world has to offer.

Allow me to put you at ease on your wedding day as you enjoy every moment, every laughter, every tear, and every celebration. May your day be blessed as well as all of your days ahead together!



Hey you!

I’m Isabelle! I grew up and still live in Southern California. I enjoy traveling anywhere and everywhere, but I can’t find a better place to call home than SoCal. I believe it’s the sunny weather and all the delicious variety of food we have here.

When I’m not taking photos, editing, teaching, or planning, I am entertaining my cat Leo (don't worry, I love dogs too), catching up on my favorite shows, eating KBBQ, or going for long walks.

I first got into photography while looking for my wedding a few years ago; and the emotions I felt, when I received the beautifully captured portraits from my photographer, was something I will never forget! Photography became extremely captivating to me, so no matter what session, I know it is a special moment in your life you want captured. I can’t wait to meet you and tell your story!


Justin Anderson

Hi! I'm Justin and I'm a Leo... I don't know if that means anything, but I like lions and the synopsis seems to fit so I'll take it.

I'm a natural optimist, a romantic, a dreamer, and I love the candid raw emotion of life. Which is probably why I enjoy shooting weddings so much.

I'm a father of two, an adventurer, a creative at heart, and a total tech geek. If it has a motor or a CPU, I'll do anything I can to make it faster, including drain my wallet.

My car stereo has a steady flow of Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers & the Eagles.

When I'm not hanging out with the little ones, watching movies, or out shooting... I'm probably at the gym getting my lift on or running trails in the mountains.

A few of my favorite things:

Fast Cars

Good Sushi

Black Coffee

Electric Guitars

Dope Kicks

High Ceilings



Heather East

Hello! I'm Heather!

Thanks for checking out a little more about me, I'm excited to hear about you two, your journey so far together, and what you have planned for this celebration!

Heres a little about me ;) Born in Sydney, Australia, I moved to California with my family as a young adult, and has always been taking photos. Started on one of the cube cameras, I know so 90's, then glow up - Dad's Pentax! Later she studied at the distinguished Art Center College of Design [Phx '08].

Its been my honor to photograph 360+ weddings, 50+ boudoir sessions, 250+ engagement sessions, and a whole bunch of family + babies + since 2012 :)

I Love meeting new people + Can't wait to be a part of your chapter, hear all the fun stories of how you met, your fav things to do ++

Other than the above love for life + my awesome profession, here's some of my fav things - I'm totally an EMOJI [✨ case and point] + ! OVER USER, a massive WINE + CHEESE LOVER! + I love to travel [15 counties + counting!!]

So yes! I'd love to hike your fav beach[or mine], check out a fav spot in the national forrest, see your fav cute coffeeshop | bar | gallery | corner shop + stroll the streets where you first met or simply explore your local park, all while catching your unique you.

Meet the TEAM here and let's chat about that though and the details of your unique story asap :) Ask about your dates availability!

Capturing a wedding is not only an honor, but an important responsibility, it's your love story, and we're super stoked to be a part of it.


Emma Wright



I'm a plant-based food lover, serial hair flicker, eco-warrior, sass queen and self-diagnosed crazy cat lady who can’t own cats because of her husband’s allergies. I’m all about ethical living, sustainable living, thrift shopping and trying new vegan cafes.

Apart from being a photographer, I'm also an ethical and sustainable fashion advocate so if you look hard enough (or maybe not so hard), you’ll find a whole heap of pictures of me doing hair flicks and other strange poses all for the 'gram and for sustainability!

I have a soft spot for mouthwatering vegan food from my favourite vegan eatery; Shift Eatery in Surry Hills (let's head there for coffee and a vegan Rueben sandwich sometime!) I'm obsessed with Malibu cocktails and will eat rum soaked Christmas cake as soon as it's socially acceptable. My favourite food is fresh pancakes smothered in pure Canadian maple syrup and fresh strawberries.

In July of 2011 I packed up my bags and left Brisbane to experience life in Sydney - and gee wiz what an experience it's been!

I'm now sharing this adventure with one husband and two kids (and a very big wish from one specific 4 year old for a dog).